How Many People to Invite to Your Wedding

When it comes down to creating your perfect wedding guest list, it can cause tensions to run sky-high between you and your partner.

This is because you want as many of your friends and family at your wedding as possible, but each extra person costs more and more money, and venues can’t have an infinite amount of people.

First Draft

Your first draft will most likely have hundreds of names within it. Within this article we’ll discuss how to create your perfect guest list.

The Best Method

Firstly, you should write down the name of every single person you’d like to invite. This may seem silly, but do it. Then you need to think of a target number, which is within your budget and the venue’s capacity. For each guest you will need a wedding invitation.

You then need to create two lists, essential people (such as family), and non-essential people (colleagues.) Your first list will all be invited, as they are family and are essential at your wedding.

Wedding invitations to your guestsWedding invitees

Now you subtract the number of people on your first list from your target number, and you have a figure of how many people you can invite from the second list.

Invite people from the second list, too

You can invite a few more from the second list, as not everybody will be able to attend anyway. You can also phone people closer to the wedding offering them a personal invitation if a large number of people have declined. Apologize for the short notice and invite them, this ensures that your wedding will be full.

Bride’s Parents

The Bride’s parents also have a pretty large impact on the guest list, as they will be inviting many of their friends. This is because they traditionally paid for the wedding, this may not be the case anymore – but they’ll still have a strong hand.

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