How to Write a Wedding Invitation

When you decide it’s time to start writing wedding invitations to your guests, it can be hard. Like, what do you actually write? Simply writing: “Would you like to come to my wedding” seems a little informal, and too short. Within this article we’ll make sure you’re well informed about how to write the perfect wedding invitation.

Write a Wedding Invitation

What Do I Need?

  • Who’s getting married?
  • Where’s the Wedding?
  • When’s the Wedding?
  • What time is the Wedding?

Above is the essential information, however you may wish to add a little bit more.

Traditional Wedding Invitation

Traditionally, a wedding invitation would be written in the following format.

  • Names of those hosting
  • Request their presence
  • Bride’s first and middle names
  • Grooms full name
  • Date of Wedding
  • Time of Wedding
  • Location
  • City/State
  • Reception Invitation

If you decided to write your wedding invitation in that format, it would look something like this.

Mr and Mrs Example

Request your presence

At the marriage of their daughter

To Mr James Thomas Eggsample

Saturday 25th June

At 8 o’clock in the evening

Hotel Name

New York

Reception to follow

As you can see, it is quite short. This is all that is needed, as the recipient at least needs to know the day and time of the wedding, along with the location in order to book any days off work that may be required.

What Else Could I Include?

You may wish to include a phone number or email address that recipients can use to RSVP to their invite. This would be a lot easier to keep track of, than recipients posting their RSVP. This is generally done a lot in the modern world.

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