What Are the Best Fabrics for Summer Wedding Dresses?

Are you deciding on your gown for your summer wedding? Like all gowns, summer wedding dresses are not only about the style, but are also about the right fabrics.

These are the best fabrics for summer wedding gowns:


Chiffon is a cool, lightweight and sheer fabric that works very well when draped or layered with heavier fabrics. Chiffon does not add bulk to the dress but it is also often used for creating underskirts, trains and veils.

summer wedding dresses
summer wedding dresses


Organza is similar to silk georgette, except it is slightly stiffer in terms of texture. It is light and sheer, although it can also be worn without other layers. It is a wonderful choice of fabric for gowns with draping, as well as gowns with structured silhouettes. It is ideal for summer wedding dresses with an A-line silhouette.


Tulle is a sheer, lightweight fabric that is usually used for summer dresses, veils and trains. This fabric is not bulky, and does a perfect job of softening the silhouette of any dress. It also allows your skin to breathe. If your summer wedding dress requires draping or layering, this fabric is a wonderful choice.

4.Jersey or cotton

It may not seem like an obvious choice of fabric for a summer wedding dress, but jersey and cotton are two materials you might want to consider using for more informal weddings. Jersey and cotton are known for their draping and loose qualities.

If you wish to make your dress a little more traditional, then consider using petticoats or underskirts, or enhance your bridal appearance with a wedding veil and detachable train.

When it comes to keeping cool and comfortable in a summer wedding gown, these fabrics are your best options. Remember that you not only want to look great on your wedding day—you have to feel great in what you are wearing, too.

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