Tasks to Complete Before You Order Invitations

Before you rush into buying wedding invitations there are a few tasks that need to be completed first.

Choosing a “Save-the-Date” Announcement

Why choose a “Save-the-Date” Announcement?. “Save-the-Date” Announcements are well appreciated by wedding guests.

As many guests have busy schedules or will be traveling from other locations, this type of announcement allows guests to make your event a priority and “save the date”. “Save-the-Date” Announcements may be sent up to one year prior to a wedding.

Common wording for this type of announcement:

Please Save the Date of
Saturday, the eighth of September
Two Thousand and Seventeen
for the wedding of
Anna Kent and Douglas Wells
Tree Oaks Country Club
Three Oaks, Virginia

Invitations to follow

Why Send Wedding Announcements?

Due to budgets or other constraints, all family, friends and colleagues cannot be invited to a wedding. Therefore, we suggest sending a wedding announcement to announce the special event and the bride’s new last name.

Wedding announcements may be sent before a wedding (typically not more than one month prior to the wedding) or after a wedding (typically not later than three months after the wedding).

Parents of the bride and groom also like to send separate announcements to their family, friends and colleagues announcing the marriage of their children.

Common wording for this type of announcement:

Mr. and Mrs. Jake Withersby
are please to announce
the marriage of their daughter
Nick Michael
on the sixth of July
Two Thousand and Four
Toledo, Ohio

When to Mail Invitations to Guests?

If you have sent a “Save-the-Date” announcement, all guests may be sent an invitation six weeks before the wedding. International guests should be sent invitations 8 weeks before – this allows mail time.

wedding invitations with pictures
Sample wedding invitations with pictures

If you have not sent a “Save-the-Date” announcement, local guests should be sent an invitation 6 – 8 weeks before the wedding, out-of-town guests from the same country 8-10 weeks and out-of-country guests 10-12 weeks before the wedding.

When should I order my Invitations?

In order to take the time to choose an invitation, order invitations, address envelopes, assemble invitations and mail invitations, we recommend the bride and groom and assisting families give themselves as much time as possible. Typically the invitation process starts 3 to 12 months before the wedding.

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