Flower Power Wedding Invitations

Blooms, flowers & petals galore! Someone once said that the earth laughs in flowers and we couldn’t agree more. All flowers evoke a certain magic, a certain mystery; this is why many wedding invitations are inspired by lush and colorful flowers, the finest that nature has produced.

The flowers brides ask for most

According to the Flower Council of Holland – Roses and Calla lilies are the most popular wedding flowers and there is more emphasis on foliage.

These are the flowers brides asked for most:

  • Roses,
  • Calla lilies,
  • Tropical Lilies,
  • Orchids,
  • Tulips,
  • White roses in summer,
  • Red roses & berries in winter.

“We are seeing plenty of light coffee tones and dirty pinks. With bouquets remaining compact and domed. Brides don’t want a great big mass of flowers that they have to carry around all day.”, says UK floral designer Jamie Aston.

sunflower wedding invitations 4
sunflower wedding invitations

White flowers

White flowers remain an eternal favorite for weddings – symbolic of purity and innocence – classic white flowers such as roses and lilies come in many shades of white, from ivory, cream to a white with just a touch of pink.

Trend-savvy Aston continues, “We are also seeing shades of pale green coming through with many brides wearing green sashes. Green is a powerful colour, only the braver brides seem to be going for this one. … “.

Honourable mentions

Other flowers to consider are Daisies, Freesia, Hydrangea, Peony, Poppies, Tuberose and Lisianthus – some of which are also fragrant.

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