What is wedding stationery?

Wedding stationery is a broad term that refers to all of the paper materials you will be purchasing in preparation for your wedding. Common types of wedding stationery include wedding save-the-date cards, wedding announcements, wedding invitations, wedding RSVP cards, and wedding thank you cards.

Each type of wedding stationery serves a specific purpose, and you will soon discover that your wedding is missing out on one or more key elements if you should neglect to purchase everything you need.

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Save-the-date cards are special types of wedding stationery that simply inform guests of your upcoming wedding. No specific invitation is extended, and details beyond the date and time are usually not provided. Follow up with this type of wedding stationery by using announcements, which formally announce your wedding and provide just a little more info on when and where it will be.

Then there are the invitations.

This is the most important component of any wedding stationery package, as without these you won’t have a way to invite guests to your wedding! Make sure to pick out matching RSVP cards since your guests will use these to let you know of their intentions to attend your wedding. And finally, you will follow up with thank you cards – another crucial component of the wedding stationery package – after your wedding.

How to select and purchase wedding stationery

Begin by figuring out what type of theme you will be using for your wedding. This theme will dictate the colors and individual styles that will ultimately grace every piece of wedding stationery you use for your wedding. Once you have the right theme selected, you can progress to picking out individual styles of wedding stationery that you like. Go over each style and look for the advantages and disadvantages of each. Don’t be afraid or hesitate to enlist the help of friends or family members to help you select the perfect piece of wedding stationery!

Finally it will be time to purchase your wedding stationery. It’s best to order everything at once, and to order extra pieces, just in case you should make a mistake or find that you’re adding additional guests to the guest list. Don’t be afraid to ask the designer to make changes that are exact to your specifications. This is your wedding, after all!

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